Boat Tours to Los Haitises National Park from Samana Dominican Republic.

Best Los Haitises National Park Tours in Samana DR.

Explore Los Haitises National Park, Caves, Mangroves
and Bird Watching in Samana Bay Dominican Republic

A complete Day Trip on our Safe, Confortable and NEW Catamaran Motor Boats.

The National Park of Los Haitises contains very impressive landscape elements such as
the bay of San Lorenzo, caves, hundreds of keys and mangrove populations.

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Between the "Mouth of Hell" and "El Naranjo Arriba" is located the famous Bird Cay. This is easily recognized by the presence, high above it at low altitude, of almost permanent Earwigs and Pelicans flying over. The tallest trees growing in the center of the key, which is the highest part. The Copey tree is dominant and its horizontal branches are used by birds for roosting. The Fig tree (Ficus aff. Laevigata) and Almond tree (Terminalia catappa) make up for some of the trees surrounding the premises.

The fauna of Los Haitises is of great variety and most nationally representative of all protected areas in the Dominican Republic, due to the diversity of their environments.

Being a coastal-marine park, it contains an unparalleled bird fauna, with a majority representing endemic, native and migratory species that cannot be found elsewhere in the country. Some of these species are the Gannet Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis), Earwig (Fregata magnificens), Parrot (Amazona ventralis), Owl (Tyto alba) and the Little Ear Owl (Stygian Owl).

Best Boat Tours to Los Haitises National Park in Samana.

The rich fauna of Los Haitises National Park is reflected among mammals by the presence of the Manatee (Trichechus manatus) in the mangrove cays, also the Hutía (Plagiodontia aedium) and in the forest by the Solenodon (Solenodon paradoxus); which it is a small insectivorous mammal endemic to the island, and together with the Hutia are species that are threatened with extinction. In the caves we have different species of bats.

The karst area of Los Haitises consists of hills (hummocks) next to each other with valleys (funds) among them. The wooded hills of the interior and the Keys of Samana Bay have the same origin, differing only in that the funds between the keys are occupied by seawater and are lower than the hummocks.

After enjoying the Los Haitises National Park we head with our boat accross tha Bay of Samana to the island of Cayo Levantado where we'll enjoy an equisite Lunch buffet with the best selection of caribbean food, including fish, chicken, rice, salad, bread and fresh tropical fruits.

Discover idylic Cayo Levantado island, also knowned as Bacardi island.

Cayo Levantado is a small island, a beautiful little piece of paradise located on the east coast of Dominican Republic in Samana Bay, in the Samana Peninsula. It has a rainforest vegetation, paradisiacal beaches, white sand and crystalline waters, nestled in a beautiful landscape.

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Best Boat Tours to Los Haitises Park + Cayo Levantado island in Samana Bay.

Cayo Levantado, where the tourist and the lush vegetation blends as one. Lovers of nature and stunning beauty come looking for a paradise and find it on Cayo Levantado.

Best Boat Tours to Cayo Levantando island in Samana Bay.

The entire island is a little gem, located just outside the Samana Peninsula and is a perfect place to escape for a day. White powdery sand and turquoise cristaline waters - ideal for snorkeling or swimming gently. Several birds are also found here, including Dominican Parrots and Gannets. It is notable that there is also some Hutia and Solenodon.

This island is also called Bacardi Island because some of the palm trees appeared in the advertising of Bacardi rum. A beautiful island with hundreds of tourists visiting each day. You can walk on foot through the whole island in just under 15 minutes.

In short, Cayo Levantado island is a place of just 1 kilometer long but has everything a person
could want for to spend a great time, from swimming to relaxing to snorkeling.
When you visit this beautiful place we recommend that you bring your camera,
sunscreen, sunglasses and beach towel.

Departure is from our office located in Samana Port.
Please come 15 minutes before embarcation. See you then !

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